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Hamster run ball

Hamster running ball

Hamster running ball

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Material: plastic
Color: pink, blue, yellow, green, fully transparent
Specifications: 12cm

How to use running ball? How to install the covers on both ends of the running ball?
(1) How to use the running ball: a. Put the SS into the running ball on the indoor and outdoor flat floors, cover the lid, and place it on the ground to use. Make sure the SS is within the line of sight of the owner.
b. If the pet is used for the first time, it will not run. It is recommended that you do not need to worry. You can leave the SS in the running ball for 1-2 hours to familiarize the SS. Remember not to force it, or it will exacerbate the fear. After getting familiar with the toy, SS will gradually learn to avoid obstacles while running on the flat ground.

(2) The installation method of the covers at both ends of the running ball: the cover is designed with a concealed buckle. During installation, the snap position of the cover is aligned with the corresponding position of the running ball. At the same time, the cover needs to be twisted until it is screwed to the head.

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