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Dog bite preventer

Adjustable Mask For dogs

Adjustable Mask For dogs

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1. Breathable mesh cloth, wrap around and breathable, not sultry in summer.
2. Three-layer Velcro, firm and strong, easy to wear, easy to use, adjustable in size, beautiful and practical.
3. Sturdy and practical, ABS plastic grip, no deformation, high temperature resistance, no cracking, strong and firm.
4. The size can be adjusted, and the muzzle size can be adjusted according to the fat or thinness of the dog.
5. The material is thick and practical, durable. Selected high-quality materials, thick and damp-free materials, excellent workmanship, and longer service life.

Product information:
Material: Canvas
Color: pink (breathable and soft) orange (luxury and comfortable) orange (breathable and soft) red (luxury and comfortable) yellow (breathable and soft) black (luxury and comfortable) black (breathable and soft) gray (luxury and comfortable))
Specifications: XS size 9-11cm adjustable, recommended 3-8kg, S size 12-15cm, recommended 6-10kg, M size 14-20cm, recommended 10-18kg, L size adjustable 18-24cm, recommended 20-40kg, XL size can be adjusted 22-28cm, recommended 40-65kg, XXL size can be adjusted 28-34cm,

Packing list:
Dog face mask x1

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