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Advance cat adult chic & salmon

Advance cat adult chic & salmon

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Advance adult cat dry food chicken & salmon 6kg is a super-premium food for cats with select natural ingredients. Contains nutrients to support dental health urinary tract health immune system and a healthy skin and shiny coat advance is scientifically formulated to help improve cat health. Chicken is the NO.1 ingredient australian made super-premium cat food reduces hairballs includes the natural active ingredient beet pulp. This fiber source has been shown to effectively reduce the frequency of hairballs.

Urinary tract health high digestibility and controlled levels of minerals to promote optimal water turnover and a healthy urinary tract. Healthy skin & shiny coat contains enhanced levels of zinc and linoleic acid. These nutrients along with natural source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids have been shown to improve to help improve skin & coat conditions. dental health the inclusion of sodium tripolyphosphate blinds salivary calcium helping prevent plaque calcification to promote dental health

Immune health contains scientifically proven levels of vitamin C and vitamin E to help increase the level of antioxidants in your pet. Reduces litter box odour natural yucca extract to help reduce litter box odours

This product is a 6kg pack

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