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Advantage surest kittens and cats

Advantage surest kittens and cats

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The seresto collar is the longest-lasting flea and tick protection for cats. Seresto repels and kills ticks and kills fleas fast, and through simple contact, which means they don't have to bite your cat to be killed

Seresto for cats keeps your pet protected from ticks, fleas and flea-borne disease for 8 month. The surest cat collar works by releasing its active ingredients in controlled, low doses, allowing your cat to stay protected for unto 8 months from flea and ticks

Seresto is the easy and long-lasting way to help your cat stay happy and healthy. Very easy to apply, long-lasting collar for cats. Repels and kills paralysis ticks for 8 months. Treats and prevents flea infestations for 8 months.

Controls flea allergy dermatitis, Reduces transmission of flea-borne diseases, Such as cat scratch disease and flea tapeworm. Safe & odourless collar

This product is 1x38cm collar for cats

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