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Fish tank gravel cleaner

Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

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Product name: Aquarium multi-function water changer

Power:  20W

Rated voltage: 110v-240v

Working voltage:12V DC

Plug: US/AU/EU/UK plug

Flow: 1000L/H


Material: Plastic+ copper

Max length:  120cm

Minimum length:67cm

Hose inner diameter: 16mm

Hose length: 1.5m

Power cord length: 5m



1.Can pump water at low water.

2. Strong suction, clean up the feces.

3. Efficiently separates debris from gravel.

4. With a high lift of 3m and a machine length of 1.2m, it is suitable for deeper fish tanks.

5. It has a 5-meter long power cord and is more free to use.

6. The water exchanger works at 12V safe voltage, which makes people and fish safer.

7. Connect the shower connector to shower the turtle and add oxygen to the fish tank.

8. The product is suitable for raising arowana fish tank.


Package includes:

1 x Aquarium Water Changer Cleaner 20W

1 x Filter bag

1 x Shower Head

1 x pedestal

1 x Duckbill head, 1 x corner head

1 x water pipe 1.5m

1 x Low voltage converter

1 x Power cord 5m

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