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Hamster tunnel

Hamster Acrylic tunnel

Hamster Acrylic tunnel

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Material: plastic
Color: transparent, light red, light green, light blue, mixed colors
T-tube: about 8 * 5.5 * 7.5cm
Long straight tube: length 14 cm * diameter 5.5 cm
Short straight tube: 5.5 cm high * 5.5 cm in diameter
Bent tube: round mouth diameter 5, 5 cm
Head: 6 cm in diameter
Weight: about 340g
Suitable for: hamsters and other small pets
Features: adjustable
Package includes: 1 * pet tunnel
Note:due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3 cm of interference (1 inch = 2.54 cm)

1. U-shaped tube, the direction of the tube can be adjusted freely, DIY is convenient.
2. Products include three-way pipe, long straight pipe, two short straight pipes, and four bent pipes.
3. There are five colors to choose from, the product looks beautiful and interesting


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