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Bird nest

Hand-woven bird nest

Hand-woven bird nest

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Name: Natural grass fiber nest
Material: grass
Predator hiding: There are many animals in the garden that pose a threat to the birds. The poultry house provides a safe hiding place for birds escaping from predators. The size does not allow large predators such as raccoons, eagles or kites to enter our children’s safe houses.
-Comfortable rest area: You can hang many thatched houses around the porch or garden to provide a comfortable and warm shelter for children’s birds. They like to rest in these comfortable shelters. It provides them with the necessary ventilation and comfort.
Natural fiber: The poultry house is made of natural grass. It is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, durable and breathable, so small birds can build nests. The fiber is tightly woven, so it is not easy to fade. The sturdy design of the Bird's Nest can even withstand strong winds.
Easy to hang hook: This kind of gourd or drop-shaped woven grass bird house is very easy to hang inside or outside the house. It comes with a hanging loop made of natural fiber, with a hanging loop attached to the top, which can be hung from a branch or hung on the porch.

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