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Snooza Cuddler Hooded Mink Wheat

Snooza Cuddler Hooded Mink Wheat

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Hoodie Cuddler Mink the Hoodie Cuddler is specially designed for dogs who like to burrow. Calming and comforting in luxurious faux-fur, this new hooded-style bed has a cave-style pocket and is perfect for nestling, snuggling pets or those with anxiety. Its cozy hooded cover is soft and lined with faux fur all the way through, is designed to stay up, and creates a deep, calming space for your pet. Dogs love to scratch, turn and settle into a curled-up position, feeling supported and secure. The cover is removable, and the cushion and bolster walls are filled with Snooza fill, made from recycled PET drink bottles, and is fully machine washable along with the cover, making it durable and kind to the planet by reducing landfill! The Snooza fill is refillable too, and the bed also comes with our Snooza Repair Service should it ever be needed. Made in Australia Please note: Due to the nature of the two-stage dyeing process, some shade/color variations and markings may occur.

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