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Suction pet cup toy

Suction Cup Pets Toys

Suction Cup Pets Toys

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★Environmental protection material, environmental protection---food TPR grade, tasteless, non-toxic, safe and harmless to your pet. Durable and wear-resistant.
★ Multifunctional interactive design---The interactive dog biting toy is equipped with a powerful suction cup, which is easy to use. It can be firmly glued to the floor, door and glasses, allowing animals to play alone, just like playing tug-of-war, increasing the dog’s interest and nurturing
★ Brushing puppies and dog toys-Suction cup dog toys can not only bring joy to your pet, but it is also a good tool for cleaning teeth. You can put dog food into the goal, and the dog will try the most Eat it by yourself. When a dog bites, the serrations inside can clean the food residue in the teeth.

Product information:
Material: TPR
Applicable pets: small and medium-sized dogs and cats
Size: 28.5 inches in total length
Suction cup: 2.4 inches * 3.74 inches
Distributing ball: up to 3.15 inches

Tips for using dog sucker pull toys:
1. Clean the dirt and dust on the suction cup and floor before each use
2. Please moisten the suction cup, and then place your feet on its surface and blow air to ensure that the floor surface is smooth, such as tiled floors, doors, and glass. Make sure there is no gap between the suction cup and the ground (please step on it with your foot to ensure the best suction power.)
3. The sucker of this toy can work better on a smooth and flat surface. Please do not use it on matte parquet floors, dusty walls and concrete surfaces.

Packing list:
Pet toy*1

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