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Cat liter mat

Waterproof Cat Liter Mat

Waterproof Cat Liter Mat

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Product name: cat pad waterproof cat litter pad folding cat litter pad
Product material: EVA
Product Specifications: Thickness before folding is 0.7cm, thickness after folding is 1.4cm, thickness of 1 size after folding is 1.7cm
Model function weights
XS (30*45cm) does not fold
S (40*50cm) not folded
M (45*60cm) foldable
L (55*70cm) foldable
Product Features:
Cat Mat Folding Garbage Cat Scratching Sand Mat Honeycomb Waterproof Cat Mat EVA Double Padded Bed Protection Floor
cat legs and box sandpit
EVA material, ultra-light, easy to carry
For very messy cats, make sure to use a changing pad when soaking urine
Super soft surface that doesn't care about cat legs like other pads
Easy to clean sink head, shower or shaking head
Packing list:
Cat litter pad x1

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